Puffy, bloated and heavy?
Give them all the brush - off!

Woman&Home, April 2014

Don't you hate it when your tummy, thighs and legs feel heavy and look puffy? Fluid congestion like this calls for a treatment that encourages lymph to flow freely and toxins to be eliminated.

Which massage? It has to be manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) - a light “massage” that encourages lymph to move through the lymphatic system, helping to relieve fluid congestion and eliminate toxins. “I like it because I can see swelling reduce and feel it under my fingertips”, says top practitioner Susan Mumford.

Feels good? Surprisingly so for something that does a fairly big job. “Movements are very different to massage - light and gentle strokes with a rhythmic, pumping feeling that's quite precise and very relaxing”, says Susan.

Quick fix? You may start feeling lighter from session one but MLD has a cumulative effect, so a series of five sessions should see the start of a significant effect and appearance. After that, top up once a month.

Any extras? Lots. MLD is also good at speeding the healing process for scars, bruises and burns. Plus it's useful after cosmetic surgery such as liposuction.

Who loves it? Jane Cresswell, 50, from London, says, “I have MLD treatments on my legs, which tend to feel heavy and look puffy. When I've had a treatment I feel peaceful, relaxed - and my walk home is enjoyable!”

Cost? £60 with Susan Mumford in London: susanmumford.co.uk, but prices vary around the country. Find a practitioner near you at mlduk.org.uk.

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