Depuff and de-stress your sluggish body with manual lymphatic drainage

Woman&Home, April 2007

The name alone makes this unique therapy sound pretty medical and you wouldn't be wrong. At its most therapeutic it's used to treat Lymphodema - but simplified, it makes a great detox and anti-bloat treatment, encouraging the elimination of toxins. Perfect at getting you on the road to recovery if you're feeling sluggish and run down.

How does it feel? Probably gentler than you would imagine. Vicky Axelson, 37, from London tried it out. "I'd been through a stressful time, which left me feeling really down. I'd been trying to detox, but kept coming down with viruses. Before the massage, Susan, my therapist, gave me a really thorough health consultation and warned that as I still had a bit of a sore throat it could 'move' the toxins around my body and make me feel worse. I took the risk as I was desperate to take some kind of step towards feeling better. It was very light, not like a regular massage, more fingertip moves and gentle sweeping.  She concentrated on my neck, stomach and back - my problem areas - and was so gentle I fell asleep."

How was it for you? "As Susan predicted, I did feel a little rough later, but also nicely spaced out and very relaxed. I drank lots more water to help with drainage and did need to go to the loo a lot. After an early night, I felt so much better - less sluggish and puffy, more cheery and better within myself. What an improvement! I'm going to have a course of treatments to really get me back on track."

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