Treat of the Week - lymphatic drainage

Rachel Fiddes, Nine To Five, October 2001

It sounds frighteningly medical, but in fact Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is one of the most relaxing and beneficial treatments I have ever had. I visited MLD practitioner Susan Mumford ....... to have a session and find out what the process involves. MLD is a specialised therapy designed to improve the function of the lymphatic system (lymph is a clear fluid, which moves water, protein, white blood cells and electrolytes around the body), through gentle, rhythmical circling movements on the skin which stimulate the system's activity. A healthy lymphatic system results in a thoroughly detoxified body and general well-being. A sluggish lymphatic system can cause bloating, water retention, acne, puffy eyes, cellulite and tiredness. MLD can also help with burns, scars, stretch marks, sinusitis, migraines, rheumatic arthritis, PMS, poor digestion and rosacea. The great thing about lymphatic drainage is that it not only combats physical problems, but if you visit an excellent therapist like Susan, you will also receive the emotional benefits of a relaxing, calming, gentle massage. I left feeling de - stressed, relaxed and like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

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