Massage Review

Geoff Brown, Time Out, July 1987

You think this lark's seventh heaven, don't you, me slipping and sliding around London reviewing massages and such like. Am I right? Well let me tell you it can be hell. Hell!! Take, for instance, my last holistic massage. It had one disadvantage. Immediately after the massage I felt, as promised, a sense of well - being, profound if slightly light - headed. Approximately two hours later I suddenly reached the 'states of deep relaxation' and 'inner calm'. My God, did I ever reach them. It were great. In fact, I was so relaxed that that evening I was wholly unable - yes, I'll admit it, And Very Unwilling - to attack the pile of work lurking in wait back at the old flatstead. Friends, I was zonked. Like being floored by a delayed action punch. Without the pain, of course. Here's how to experience similar........... (Susan)....... began my treatment by draping warm, dry towels on my prone form (a hugely relaxing, comforting experience in itself) and massaged shoulders and upper back first, this area being the centre of many collected tensions. Certainly, she found and gently dispersed a couple of knotty problems in my stress - worn shoulders. Later, I was surprised by the lack of mobility she found in my ankle joints. Feet, of course, are another major centre of tension having to ground the whole body as well as struggle into unsuitable coverings and be trodden on in the Tube. An introductory holistic massage will actually work the whole body rather than concentrating on a specific area on the premise that one troublesome spot is merely the symptom of a general imbalance and thus the whole body needs the cure. However, I was able to diagnose problem areas quite clearly myself during the massage. Having worked on back and front from top to toe in each case, relaxing blocks and encouraging me to 'let go', Susan then 'collected' and 'connected' up each part of my by now soporifically relaxed body. Which brings me back to the ensuing and various states of pleasurable zombification later that evening.

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