This month....

December 2018

December & rain, drizzle, winds descend. Makes it a cosy option to stay indoors & totally OK not to go out.

Firstly apologies. An age, or so it felt, spent offline. The result of a situation not of my making but apologies anyway for being uncharacteristically unavailable. Hats off to anyone working in IT. Late nights spent staring at a screen, red eyed, hair on end, nerves out on stalks. Finally, & grateful for all the help, things are almost back to normal. How easy technology can make our lives & how exasperatingly difficult when it goes wrong!

So now time to concentrate on other things, like Christmas. This can be a really fun time or bring up lots of loneliness, especially if you've lost friends, partners, family, pets, anyone close. In between bouts of consumer fest it's worth remembering the spirit of Christmas is celebrating & reaching out. So it things are tough or you find yourself alone, reach out, either for help for yourself or to help someone worse off than you, a surefire way of gaining perspective.

Emotional turmoil, head full of unwanted thoughts that are hard to switch off? Then concentrate on the physical such as walks against the wind or decorating the tree. Or a massage to give you a sense of where you begin & end & bring you back to the default you.

To improve your mood, wear a happy filter. We're all like sponges absorbing whatever's around us, not always such a good thing. Put on a happy filter & you only see the best!

With all best wishes for the festive period & a brighter 2019.

© Susan Mumford, 2018