This month....

August 2020

August & a restorative drop in temperature after a mini one day heatwave. Baking yesterday, a gentle breeze today.

Life with Covid goes on but the good news is clinic practice has been able to resume. Dressed in full PPE it's very straightforward & a great feeling to be back.

Nothing can be taken for granted however. Things can change at any moment. These last few months have been tough on us all & continue to generate a lot of anxiety. That feeling of being out of control. The continual uncertainty & change. No sooner have you adjusted to your environment than the environment changes itself all over again. It's exhausting physically as well as mentally.

Rest, hydration & nutrition are key to dealing with acute stress. You can function better with a clear head when your body is as healthy as it can be. Worrying about what's going to happen next, whether to do with finances, health, relationships, work, doesn't make the future any easier. Come to terms with what's happened & take all reasonable steps to prepare for the future. Then let go of all the worry & focus on right here & now. It's strangely releasing & reassuring. This way you can be calm, open to any opportunities & the decisions you make will be good ones.

Whenever there's a problem it's always more empowering to try & turn things around. Be creative, discover your strengths & see difficulties more as a challenge. It looks like we're all going to have plenty of practice over the coming months.

© Susan Mumford, 2020