This month....

April 2019

April & a serious drop in temperature. Showers, winds, blackening skies, hail, snow. And that's just in London! A shock to the system after the warmth of a few weeks back.

Coughs & colds returning, everyone feeling the chill even though we know this is what can happen in spring. We have to adapt - along with the little blackbirds that have just hatched.

Adapting, being flexible, it's a lot to do with expectations. Expectations can be a good thing. Sort of like an agreement or a moral code. If we make an agreement with someone then we have a right to expect what we've agreed in return. Setting a standard. So if people lead us on, building expectations with promises then failing to carry them out, our expectations prompt us into action. A good thing.

Sometimes expectations cause unnecessary agitation or we can miss the plot altogether. Created by experiences & beliefs, when things don't measure up it causes problems or more specifically we've created the problems for ourselves. Letting go of expectations can be a great relief, allowing us to see what's actually there. The irony is this can lead us on to even better things, more than we could possibly have imagined. The best of both worlds: being open without being a fool.

5 surprising things for this month you might not have expected :

yuzu, a citrus originating in China, goes fabulously well with chocolate!

going to the bank at lunchtime - empty! Everyone else assumes it'll be full

frankincense for a sore throat. Gone in moments.

International Carrot Day. Refreshing & simple

buying a card from the bookshop & being offered a pen to write with

& finally, unsurprisingly, treatments. Open up to pleasant surprises by leaving expectations & demands at the door !

© Susan Mumford, 2019