This month....

May 2018

May, that month of transitioning from spring to summer, from cool temperatures to blazing heat. And back again. Several times.

One minute the outside looks miserably damp & soggy, the next everything's sprung to life & become ridiculously overgrown - all in the space of five minutes. Not a trace of all that careful tidying up & perfect pruning earlier to be seen.

Traditionally the first of May was a pagan celebration, welcoming in the new season of warmth & growth with bonfires, dancing & maypoles. A time of romance, love & fertility. Preserving youth by bathing in morning dew. Garlands & posies of yellow flowers, a May Queen, a Green Man. Visits to holy wells to pray for good health.

It's easy to see the fantastical when you look around at the riot of growth. To be drawn in by the optimism of the passing of a dark winter. But in order to renew & flourish certain other things have to pass away. Change & loss are painful & difficult but a necessary part of the process of letting go.

How to join in? From a health & beauty perspective, hydration & moisture both inside & out can be your morning dew. Hydration isn't only about about water, it's about consuming the right oils & fats. Let go of dull winter skin with a gentle exfoliating scrub. Help skin regeneration with the right mix of essential oils. Protect your skin from the strengthening sun with natural SP factors & diet. Make sure you continue in good health by regular screening & nurturing treatments.

Then have fun. The world can be a very serious place with emphasis on doing & getting things right. Nature is having a ball. There's no reason we shouldn't too.

© Susan Mumford, 2018