This month....

May 2017

May Day spent dodging hailstones & getting soaked. Much needed rain but not necessarily needed cold! Somehow the spring light is a saving grace making it seem warmer than it actually is. Does light lift the spirits?

With recent media coverage on mental health it's becoming OK to admit to. Not easy or comfortable yet but OK. Mental health covers a wide spectrum, just like physical health if indeed you can draw a line between the two. Mental health issues can be anything from going through a bad patch to vast & overwhelming, like staring into a deep pit. Yet 1 in 4 of the population will have some kind of experience this year alone. Can massage, a treatment for the body, be of any help?

Relieving physical tension helps relax the mind & vice versa. One of the effects of any health problem is the anxiety it produces. Relaxation can't solve the problem but it can help reduce anxiety & provide some much needed mental space.

Strange as it may seem one of the effects of massage is the feeling of self containment i.e. by focussing on the body you get a real sense of where you begin & end. Some people become very sensitive, susceptible to every passing nuance, so being firmly rooted in one's body gives a sense of place & indeed a kind of protection. The body needs to feel a safe & comforting place to be.

Talking to someone, or even being with someone without having to talk, can provide immeasurable support & reassurance. A sense of perspective too. Problems can multiply in one's head & assume grand proportions. So If you find out it's not just you but actually quite common they somehow lose their sting.

Essential oils come into their own. With the knack of transporting you to another level they can uplift, calm or sedate. They also come with their own rituals of preparation which provide absorption on a practical level.

Finally an objective sounding board without judgement or consequences, often a real barrier to seeking help. Talking through feelings & choices means you stay in control, something you may feel scared of losing. If you decide on seeking further help you can be pointed in the right direction. If not your GP almost every practitioner has a list of useful contacts.

It's great that people shouldn't have to struggle on their own. Health is about balance & massage is all about that.

© Susan Mumford, 2017