This month....

May 2020

May & the sixth week of lockdown. In some ways it seems to have gone on forever, in others hard to believe we're already well over six weeks in.

Challenging, surreal times. Full of the best & the worst. Hard to say how we'll look back on this time & what will really stand out a few years from now. Hopefully we'll all have learned something.

If you're lucky enough to be staying healthy, one of the most insidious effects of this virus is how it's depriving us of basic human touch. Some of us are isolating with our families, some with part of our family separated from the rest, some are on our own. We've got calls, texts, videos, social media but while we're all pulling together our situation is keeping us physically apart.

Eating out, meeting up for a walk, getting your hair cut, all the social things that make up our lives are temporarily replaced by avoiding each other in the street, speaking quietly to avoid breathing too hard over someone else, muffling up with scarves & masks, often avoiding eye contact, scuttling around heads bowed. Natural human interaction, a touch on the arm, a reassuring hand on the back, a hug, a kiss have all been put on hold for now.

There will be a way out of this but for those of us who rely on regular touch treatments there is always something you can do. You can access tutorials online, you can diffuse essential oils in the home or have a scented tissue to hand when you go out. You can use the power of scent to transport you to a different place. You can meditate, visualise, exercise, keep a diary, practise self massage or self healing. You can harness the power of sound.

In times when life isn't so easy you get most creative when you have to dig deep.

For any treatment or self help advice please always feel free to email.

© Susan Mumford, 2020