This month....

December 2017

December & a wonderfully cold start to the month. A 20 minute flurry of snow the day before had sent everyone into Christmas mode. So pretty but so long since we've had any proper snow in London.

Like it or not at last all the glittery trinkets can come out. A licence to spend money you haven't got on things you don't really need & everyone wants to meet up at once! A chance to get together with friends you keep meaning to see in the darkness of long winter evenings? Magic.

If you feel pressured, don't love or even resent this season then take a moment to imagine how it would feel if you didn't think you would see it again. If serious illness for example had thrown your life into disarray & the last year had been one big struggle. Then every moment of this chaotic season would take on a new vibrancy & significance. A sobering thought? A situation many people find themselves in. You've seen it all before & take things for granted until the moment it's all going to be snatched away.

Therapeutic treatments are all about health & feeling good whatever your starting point. And if your health is poor then simply time & attention to soothe your soul can bring value beyond words. Something constructive, not invasive not clinical. These treatments can work alongside your regular medical treatment or help build you up again afterwards. They can accompany you on your road to recovery however long that takes.

The Christmas period can be wonderful but if things have gone wrong it can also make you feel very alone. Remember there's lots of help out there - don't be afraid to ask.

Good wishes for good health for the end of this year & naturally for all of the next!

© Susan Mumford, 2017