This month....

January 2019

2019 starts now. Brand new year &, we hope, brand new attitudes. The holiday a welcome time to forget the political squabbling, take a break from schedules, rest, sleep, recharge.

The end of the year is always tired & scratchy, the new always begins so well! Some things will work themselves out whether we do anything or not, with others it's up to us. So why not concentrate on the things close to home, like health for example? Health is not totally under our control but no one knows your body like you do.You know what suits your body type, you know what's a healthy pushing of limits & when it's a step too far, you know how long recovery takes. You know when things aren't right, when a home fix is good & when to seek a second opinion or help.

You know your own mind. What it takes to stimulate you, motivate you into action, the difference between a healthy challenge to your ideas & something that makes you uncomfortable. Why are these simple rules of thumb so hard to stick to?

In the jostle of everyday work or family life distinctions become easily blurred. We all rely on the getting away with it philosophy or just one more time can't really hurt. Most of the time we're fine until that one time when we're not. Then all of the signs we've overlooked will suddenly start to add up.

So for a brand new year & a brand new you listen to the little things whether they make much sense now or not. Make room for your intuition. Let your gut feelings help you decide. No need to spend time convincing other people you're right. The only person you need to convince is you.

Good health & happiness in 2019 starts right now!

© Susan Mumford, 2019