This month....

October 2019

October & rain. Lots of it. After such temperate weather there was a definite weekend when autumn suddenly set in. Got to think it's good for the ground & the flowers though - there are rosebuds still appearing!

When things are hectic, one of the best things about working with the body is it's ultimately so lo tech. Just a room, a willing pair of hands & some willing muscles. That's it. No disturbances or distractions by noise, devices, social media, a chance to truly relax. To listen & to talk. A quiet healing space.

When Dr. Vodder & his wife were first treating clients with MLD they developed the movements intuitively & through their knowledge & observation discovered what worked. It was only later it was confirmed their theories actually fit & the reason for their success was revealed. Now technology reveals that our hands develop lizard like muscles in the womb which ultimately disappear before birth, that fight or flight hormones originate in bone, that natural antibiotics neutralise the terrain so that bacteria are unable to thrive, how cells sense oxygen levels in the body & adapt accordingly. It definitely has its place in progress & understanding.

In that quiet room, though. what you get is another person, which gives a sense of self & support. We all need a community or terrain in which to survive. The body is the same. Rather than a set of individual systems it has its own communities, a support network if you like. When one system is down then other systems gather round to support & promote recovery, repair & good health. You can't treat one area of the body without affecting the whole. The body constantly adjusts, drawing on its own community network.

It's lo tech in essence but the way the body works? Technology is only just catching up!

© Susan Mumford, 2019