This month....

August 2017

Sunshine, breeze, clouds, wind, rain, hail, thunder, lightning. August? Yes indeed on the other side of the jet stream. A summer of contrasts & wildly contrasting temperatures to our neighbours in southern Europe. At times it almost feels like a transition into autumn - wild fluctuations indeed.

Ironically change is one of life's certainties. When things aren't going well we long for & embrace it. When things are going well we want them to go on forever & so dig our heels in & resist. While the details change encompasses may be different & more or less painful, the root cause of the disturbance is the arrival of change itself. What to do? It's a brave person who develops resilience & adapts to circumstances rather than being drawn in, but it'll be a healthier person who'll emerge in the end. Continual fears & anxieties can produce chronic stress, & we all know the havoc that can wreak. So the best response could be to go with the flow: do what you can & then be prepared to ride out the storm.

Changes that take place slowly are easier to adapt to, you can pace yourself into bite sized chunks. Change that happens rapidly can result in a state of shock. Adrenaline kicks in to begin with & that will see you through but then it all starts to hit home. That's the time to take care & nurture yourself. In a turbulent period support is good in whatever form possible, nutrition, relaxation if not sleep, keeping moving, information, a therapy, a friend. Part of the journey is finding your own way through. You'll encounter your weaknesses as well as your strengths but you will be stronger than you ever imagined. Self belief is the key.

Responding positively to change is one thing. Creating it is quite another.

Enjoy the remainder of the summer's ups & downs!

© Susan Mumford, 2017