This month....

October 2018

October & time to draw a line under the autumn transition thing. This is it. The answer seems to lie in getting there first, embracing the change & heading back hand in hand with Nature to complete the yearly cycle.

One autumn marker is the biennial Vodder lymph drainage review. Just completed with the awesome Hildegard & Maria Wittlinger. A full on weekend where the energy just seems to build. Pumps & pushes, skin stretches, bounceback & featherlight pressures. Jumping on & off the table, concentration waning, technique becoming harder to execute the more you are worked on yourself. Someone always there looking over your shoulder. Room for improvement? Always otherwise you wouldn't be there. Glaring mistakes eliminated. Subtleties jump out of the woodwork. The obvious becomes even more so. Exhausted yet exhilarated, like starting to learn all over again. Someone asks if it gets any better, they're nervous since this is their first time. The answer is probably no, it doesn't get any easier.

Back in London & practising again. Yes the technique does feel improved, subtly different, more effective. A sigh of relief though impossible to shift that sense of someone looking over your shoulder. Consolidating all that you've learned now with the pressure off. Then along comes a case that doesn't fit into categories. Once again everything flies out of the window. It's back to rethinking, consulting, research. Stimulating, stretching & challenging. No time for complacency or sitting back. In the end this is all about someone whose health is failing & who desperately needs some help.

Practice is never boring, it's never perfect & it's never routine. You do the best you can & that's all anyone can ask. That is enough, though, to start making a difference.

© Susan Mumford, 2018