This month....

July 2017

July & a lot has happened since writing the last this month. It's a pretty start - warm, sunny, a gentle breeze. The teasel bought last year to attract wildlife is now roughly six feet tall with at least forty teasel heads at various stages of development! An awesome sight.

In the last couple of weeks we've moved from our temporary home in Kensington, where we were all made to feel wonderfully welcome, back to Neal's Yard in Elgin Crescent. Six months away in total but swish new therapy rooms all beautifully done. The little outside courtyard now a lovely space to sit. Great if you arrive early & want to catch your breath or to spend a tranquil moment or so before the journey home.

Moving back, however, came a few days after the dreadful Grenfell fire, the blackened shell clearly visible from Portobello Road. People talk a lot about community, but this really is a very tight knit community. Heartbreaking to talk to people who saw the fire & lost their friends, equally heartwarming to see how everyone pitched in to help. Nearly every appointment since reopening has involved someone affected in one way or another by the tragedy. However, good as they say, to be back.

The IFA aromatherapy conference at the end of last month was a wonderfully uplifting experience. Aromatherapy has always been labelled somewhat airy fairy, something that just smells nice & makes you feel relaxed - although clearly nothing wrong with that! Inevitably aromatherapy has been popularised & commercialised to include anything that smells vaguely scented, whether by natural means or chemical. Now it seems, there is a new dawn where aromatherapy may well come into its own. Watch this space as there could be exciting times ahead!

Meanwhile It's up to all us therapists to document our case studies, successes & research. How will aromatherapy be proven? By clinical trials which currently go down the animal testing route. Is this a happy association with what most see as a natural plant therapy? An uncomfortable truth & definitely food for thought.

© Susan Mumford, 2017