This month....

March 2019

March & a nasty wake up call! From balmy February days - the warmest on record - to blustery winds & showers. It's officially spring but winter weather not quite done with yet.

So time to curl up indoors & muse. Outdoor tasks can wait. Space & time to think. Space. That rare commodity. Used recently in an introduction by a radio DJ. As in "this song has so much space in it". A new concept but it was true, the song had loads of space!

City life for the most part is pretty much devoid of space. Physical space is limited, with people all around at every level & angle, twenty four hours a day. Not to mention virtual intrusions on our space. Mental or emotional space, however, is very much up to us. You can go along with the general hustle & bustle until your mind is chattering non stop, or you can learn techniques to sidestep it all & then it's amazing how much space you can find. It might take practice & patience but is worth its weight in lifelong rewards.

Then there's the effect of a lack of space on the body. Constantly forced to hold yourself stiffly, constantly holding back? Lack of physical self expression? Or spending long hours sitting at work followed by hours in a social bubble hunched over a device? This can result literally in less space in your body. Posture deteriorates, the muscles supporting the spine have to work harder, ligaments are stretched beyond normal limits & the discs cushioning the spine put under pressure. In the resulting Grand Slouch there is diminished circulation to the organs which have less space to function.

Fortunately there are remedies! Yoga & mindfulness, posture, exercises, massage to name but a few. Nothing like a good stretch to leave you feeling inches taller.

Space isn't a case of taking other people's or vice versa, it's simply creating your own.

© Susan Mumford, 2019