This month....

January 2018

As the slow start back to work begins - slow both mentally & in terms of reduced numbers who seem to have made it back to London at all - the dilemma arises. It's January. The extended holiday is over. Time to make a brand new start. Put the glitz away & start as you mean to go on: health, "detox", getting back in shape, self discipline. It's also January, cold & raining, the odd rays of sunshine but Vitamin D in short supply. Keeping spirits up & colds at bay suddenly seems much more important. Does "detox" actually feel the right thing?

Just as some people took down decorations as soon as Christmas was over there are those of us who'll hang on to the cheer right up until Twelfth Night. For some New Year is time to counter the sluggish effects of over indulgence with a change of diet feeling clean, wholesome & good. For others waiting another month feels more in keeping with life in a cold, damp northern climate.

Take a look outside. You won't see any wildlife holding back on pickings. They'll be taking in fuel & storing energy to deal with winter chills. Detox is actually a demand on your body & something that requires planning & adequate rest. A nourishing diet including soups, stews, dark green & root vegetables, cereals & grains, plus exercise & as much sunlight as you can lay your hands on should be enough to see you through dark winter days. Yes it can be stodgy but there's a very good reason for that.

The fact we have a choice is a mark of our prosperity. If you want to detox then focus on your muscles which have probably done too much sitting around. Metabolic wastes can build up leading to stiffness & cricks in the neck, especially with gales howling & getting soaked to the skin. A good massage will help ease you in gently, getting untoned muscles back into shape. Add a few essential oils to boost circulation & see how good that feels.

Yes you can be uncompromising & heroic but make sure it's at the right time. Staying in good shape by listening to & supporting your body is the wise choice at this time of year.

© Susan Mumford, 2018