This month....

February 2020

January was, to be honest, a bit of a month. New decade celebrations then straight in at the deep end. A lot has happened. We all need a breather, a little cheer & a boost of energy as winter continues.

The remedies to sustain wellbeing are usually the same: eat well, eat sensibly, exercise, don't drink too much, reduce caffeine, stay hydrated, get enough rest, renew friendships, reduce stress. But wait a minute. Doesn't living in the city mean endless stresses - known as challenges to make them seem friendlier - sleep deprivation, over stimulation, over compensating one way or the other, money, relationship, work worries, finding the time to eat, no time to see your friends, even a condition known as "London throat" with that feeling of being constantly under the weather?

Step in a 30 minute massage. Indian head massage, stimulating circulation, releasing upper back stress, neck tension, providing headache relief, promoting better sleep, boosting energy levels, encouraging healthy hair - & all without removing your clothes. A few quick questions about contraindications & you're good to go. A soothing, invigorating massage that not only addresses muscular tension but calms all those racing thoughts & emotions through work on vital energy points. Oils (optional) rubbed into your hair. A chance to let go at the end of the day.

When even trying to follow advice causes confusion & conflict this treatment is pretty much straightforward. Uncomplicated. And as it's Valentine's, why not bring your partner along for a 10% February offer too?

An easy way to banish the February Blues!

© Susan Mumford, 2020