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January 2020

2020. A new year, a new decade! A lot to live up to. The excitement & anticipation of starting again, the hope that things are going to change for the better.

Sometimes it's down to external forces or sets of circumstances coming together but mostly the reality is if you want things to change the most important thing that's going to have to change is you! Tip: you set yourself up to fail when you make unsustainable changes, so softly softly one step at a time is a far more manageable approach. That way change isn't nearly so scary & more importantly more likely to last.

Times are currently momentous, tumultuous & fragile. Making a difference might appear hopeless. Where on earth to start? But if we don't do it, who else will - & there are plenty of examples of the dramatic effects just one person can have. Times aren't comfortable. All around are people who need help. Your help. Start small & then see what it's possible to achieve!

In the meantime it's been hard to ignore the bushfires raging on the other side of the globe. Arguments on all sides as to the causes & who's to blame or not. Threats to life, homes, wildlife, the environment are absolutely heartbreaking to watch. In a twist Australia is home to several species that produce some of the essential oils we use: sandalwood, tea tree & eucalyptus. Eucalyptus, it turns out, is helping to fan the fires. Not only does the peeling bark burn easily, the trees carpet the ground with dry, non composting leaves, all containing flammable oils. Fire triggers the release of its seed capsules & saplings grow back quickly & plentifully to continue the cycle in the newly ash covered soil. Eucalyptus oil is ironically used to help respiratory problems. Only time will tell how the current crisis will affect the production of some of our most useful essential oils.

2020 a good sounding number. Here's to a bright start, health & happiness but there's an awful lot of work to do.

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© Susan Mumford, 2020