This month....

July 2018

A baking June a gasping July? Prolonged dry heat, no rain takes a bit of adjusting to at first then funny how easily it all becomes quite normal. A change in climate bringing out a collective personality shift!

How easily we forget though & how easily we take things for granted - remember the endless winter rain? From small everyday things that take on huge importance to things on a grand scale such as freedom or health. A recent story brings the word courage to mind. Courage may be something you need one day in terms of your health. We take health for granted but facing up to possibly not having it takes an extraordinary amount of courage. From chronic minor illnesses to life changing situations they all demand one thing to see you through - not caving in, belief but most of all courage. You can show courage even when or if you don't feel brave. Good health may sometimes be taken out of our hands but good spirit is something we either possess or can develop.

The month of July with the star sign of Leo, that big open hearted sign. What does the lion possess? Courage! Plenty of opportunity to stock up on energy expanding sunshine which could be needed one rainy day. Flowers & herbs associated with July? The delphinium, its lush open flowers symbolising an ardent, open heart, & associated with youth & renewal. The sunflower, its broad smiling face synonymous with sunshine & heat, the oil rich seeds packed with vitamins & minerals. Chamomile, its sunny daisy like flowers used for balance, calming & more recently cardiovascular issues. Or Elecampagne, also known as wild sunflower, standing tall & sunny. Used for respiratory ailments but with a use for cancer in Chinese medicine.

Sunshine, courage, walking tall. All around the month of July is full of inspiration!

© Susan Mumford, 2018