This month....

April 2020

April & oh my goodness what a difference a month makes. From freedom to lockdown.

Here in London it's pretty quiet & most people are heeding advice. Clinics are closed temporarily which has made it pretty hard for anyone who was either mid way through or just starting treatment as well as for anyone relying on maintenance sessions to stay on top of things. While nothing can beat hands on there's lots of advice & plenty you can do to stay healthy at home.

Best thing is keep moving, both physically & mentally. Physically because it makes you feel better, improves circulation & calf muscle pumps help lymphatic flow. Even seated, ankle or wrist rolls, leg or arm lifts can all help. If you've been taught simple lymph drainage you can practise this daily & it's vey important to feel you can make a difference & maintain results yourself.

The same goes for back or neck tension. Spending so much more time indoors, peering hopefully into a computer or laptop plays havoc with general muscle stiffness. So self massage & stretches - you can even do a neck stretch lying on the floor, knees up - can keep the worst at bay.

Keep moving mentally as well. This time of confinement is hard for a lot of people with no outlet for their thoughts. Learning to relax the mind through meditation or yoga can really help. Learning something new every day, researching subjects you never had time for, a good old fashioned book to get lost in all really help. Or you may find diffusing essential oils at bedtime or a long relaxing soak help you mentally unwind.

This time will pass. It seems forever at the moment but if we turn it into an opportunity to connect with friends, spend time in our own environment with family or pets, we'll come out stronger in the end. We're only being asked to stay at home.

Stay well & do get in touch if you need help or tips online.

© Susan Mumford, 2020