This month....

September 2020

September & the return to school. What would normally be an exciting time, new beginnings, a new academic year, is tinged with anxiety for some. Uncertainty for many. It marks a milestone since our lives were turned upside down last spring.

How have the last few months affected you personally? Are you one of those who've breathed a sigh of relief now the daily commute is over? Have you enjoyed spending time with your family, able to work remotely & now resolving never to return to office life? Or have you been working perched on the end of your bed, sharing the kitchen table, missing the workplace buzz & looking forward to seeing friends in person again? Has the pandemic brought out the best in you or has it caused endless anxiety & stress? Have you lived your life as normally as possible or have you been shielding & isolated at home? Has your mental health suffered? Are you a key worker who's kept going throughout? Have you seen things you'd rather not see, have you suffered grief & loss? We've all had a different experience but you can bet at any one time there's someone who's feeling the same as you.

Now with perhaps a little more breathing space you might be thinking about the weekly, fortnightly, monthly treatments you used to have. How would it feel to relax a tight back, tense shoulders or that stiff neck once more? Or your ankles may have swollen & your skin feels uncomfortably tight. How much better would it feel if you could get back to how you were? Would the scent of essential oils lift crushed spirits? Are you confident enough to return or are you anxious about the risks?

No need to worry, you'll be in as safe hands as it's possible to be. Every precaution has been taken to make having the treatment you've been used to a good, if a little different, experience.

If you have any concerns or questions just get in touch. Otherwise look forward to seeing you for renewal this month.

© Susan Mumford, 2020